Partnering with Courts to Increase Access to Justice

Serving as the catalyst for case initiation, filing submissions, court reporting, digital case file management, and every process in between, TrueFiling is the web-based electronic filing system providing an intuitive user interface for attorneys, paralegals, court reporters and self-represented filers.

A court-developed solution, TrueFiling bridges the gap for a more interconnected justice system between courts and the communities served.

24/7 Access from Anywhere

From an internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, users can electronically file documents for an existing suit or initiate an entirely new case.

This especially supportive of Judges and pro se litigants who are on tight deadlines.

One-Click Submissions

After users click “submit” on their filings or requests, the TrueFiling system enables the court to electronically accept, route, and take action, such as filing signed proposed orders, summons or case initiation requests.

The efficiency of one-click submissions saves on commute time, travel expenses and stress of in-person, paper filings.

Seamless and Universal Integration

Integrative with any case or document management system, TrueFiling unlocks a self-serving ability to create new cases, search existing ones, or add new filings. Once filings are approved, that data is electronically sent to your case management system for docketing, so you don’t have to worry about re-keying the same information.

TrueFiling also supports criminal eFilings within the Law Enforcement Agency Portal (LEAP), which seamlessly integrates with the Paperless Prosecutor Solution to provide law enforcement with a better way to collaborate with the courts.

Multi-Jurisdictional Case Filings

Every filer’s one-stop shop, just one login grants filers access to various courts and then manages all their cases with the same straightforward and comfortable user interface. With its multi-jurisdictional platform, TrueFiling keeps filers on track with each of their court’s individual CMS, fees, and/or case types.

TrueFiling can be deployed as an electronic filing service provider (EFSP) that provides a fresh interface for integrating with any existing ECF 4.0-conformant electronic filing managers (EFM). TrueFiling is also available as an EFM that supports connection with multiple EFSPs so that filing processes are centralized. A testament to how TrueFiling checks all the boxes, all our customers have chosen to deploy it for both an EFSP and EFM.

Easing Clerk Life with Filing Review Workflow

Clerks can confidently move from one task to the next rest assured that when a file is processed, the filers will receive an automatic notification – reducing the incoming call volume for status updates. eNotifications better prioritize valuable staff time and noticeably grow savings when coupled with TrueSign and TrueCertify.

With file searches at their fingertips, there’s no longer a reason for staff to go weeding through cabinets or boxes – simply key a search and let TrueFiling quickly find all related documents. Multiple clerks can simultaneously view the same document, and bottlenecks are easier to identify with any-time visibility into your operations. With so much time added back into their day, current staff may find themselves finally addressing back-burner projects that have been second-best to filing.

Pro Se Filing

For the pro se filer, TrueFiling saves on confusion, time and expense. With 24×7 access, filers can do their filing when and where it’s convenient for them without the hassle, time or cost of travel or postage. The transparency of seeing and being notified when filings have been processed also holds courts accountable, resulting in faster turnaround.

Filers can also opt in for TrueFiling’s Electronic Commerce module, which empowers filers to view and/or purchase an entire, court-approved list of filings associated with a case and electronically receive certified copies.


Take a TrueFiling Tour!

The justice community’s one-stop-shop for end-to-end court case filings, TrueFiling provides an intuitive process for every step. Tour the screenshots below to see just how simple it is for users to conduct all their filing business in just a few clicks. 

Initiate Cases or Submit Filings 

Filers can initiate a case or to submit filings to an existing case.

Case Search

Filers go here to view case information, add themselves or another party as a case contact, and view filing details. Users can also file to a case from this page.

Review History

Filers may go here to view payment receipts for previous filings, copies of filings they’ve submitted, and the status of any filings currently being processed by the court.

So, what can TrueFiling do for you?

Filers and Court personnel can use the TrueFiling system to streamline the filing process. Everything can be done electronically from a single location to make management and organization simple. Uploading is intuitive, sharing is secure, and processing takes just a few minutes. Courts can even use TrueFiling's newest addition, TrueFiling Review, to generate fee reports. Ready to upgrade your filing system?