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trusted partner of the justice community for over 20 yearsTrueFiling™ by ImageSoft meets you at the intersection of innovation and conversation to support increased access to justice. With open ears and minds, highly configurable automation and a culture that is everything but robotic, we’re honored to help you serve your constituents and communities.  

Applying the “right person, right seat” hiring strategy, ImageSoft has created a culture of fun-loving attitudes and creative efforts that are upheld by our team members (AKA, your TrueFiling support representatives). Guided by our core values of integrity, customer focus, dependability, excellence and people first, the ImageSoft team currently provides over $125M in court solutions across the country. 

The Paperless Productivity Podcast 

From Judges and court personnel to NCSC members and Paperless Court customers, we frequently hand the microphone to industry thought leaders regarding everything justice. Each commute-length episode is informative, innovative, just a tad punchy, and available on your favorite podcast platform, or directly from our website.   

The Paperless Process Blog 

We understand that reading nourishes the mind, so we do our best to write succinct, original reads that help you stay well fed on all the justice industry’s hot-button topics and opportunities. Whether an internal write-up or a guest feature, you can rest assured that each blog is filled with resourceful hyperlinks to guide you through a deeper dive of timely court tech topics.   

The Paperless Process People 

Not only do we provide best-in-class technologies to streamline operations, but we’re by our customers’ side designing individualized approaches that meets today’s needs while preparing for whatever tomorrow may bring. Get to know us, The Paperless Process People, better by visiting us on our website!