The AKFile Project

Welcome to TrueFiling for the Alaska Court System, aka “AKFile.”

Deployed statewide, AKFile is the new system for electronically filing and serving court documents. TrueFiling, the foundation for AKFile, is designed for parties and attorneys who need to file documents in a case – the public must still access court records at the courthouse.

Court Locations and Case Types

This list will be updated as eFiling is deployed throughout the state.


Court Locations Case Types
Homer Criminal (felony and misdemeanor)
Kenai Traffic & minor offenses
Seward Minor Consuming under AS 04.16.049(h), AS 04.16.050(a), or similar municipal ordinance

Underage Consuming under AS 28.35.280, AS 28.35.285(d)(1-2), AS 28.290(b)(1-3), or similar municipal ordinance

EFiling Rules and TrueFiling User Guidelines

The Supreme Court has authorized the Administrative Director to adopt provisional rules and procedures to support efiling. See Supreme Court Order 1943. The signed provisional efiling rules appear in Administrative Bulletin 92. These provisional rules are expected to change often as the court system gains more experience with efiling. To suggest changes or additions to the provisional rules, please contact the Court Rules Attorney.

The TrueFiling User Guidelines provide additional information.